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Kanban Boards, Epics, Automated Workflow, and Reporting. Reclaim control of your project.

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Manage your entire development workflow

Codetree adds powerful functionality to Issues and Pull Requests while staying fully synchronized with GitHub. Use Kanban boards with custom stages combined with our automated workflow tool to move issues through, or choose to view your issues in an information-dense list view. Track dependencies and group issues into Epics. Prioritize and size your issues. Codetree allows you to work with your issues across multiple repos in one view. And it's all backed by a full suite of reporting tools that help you understand what is going on under the hood.

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  • Multi-Repo Support

    Manage issues for as many repositories as you’d like under one Codetree project.

  • Dependency Tracking

    Keep track of which issues depend on others and use our filtering engine to surface issues that are currently blocked.

  • Powerful Filters

    Quickly find answers to questions like "Which issues are awaiting my reply?" or "Which issues are currently blocked?"

  • Drag & Drop Sorting

    Solve the “What should I work on next?” problem by prioritizing the features and bug reports in your development queue.

  • Quick Inline Updates

    Update labels, milestone, assignee, and open/closed state for any issue right from your dashboard.

  • Kanban Boards

    Visualize your milestones as Kanban taskboards (like Trello) to track the progress of your sprints.

  • Epic Management

    Create epics based on a set of related tasks and then break them down further using sub-tasks. Epic management is easy when you have all your projects organized together.

  • Automation

    Use our built-in automation tools to create complex workflows without writing code.

  • Reporting

    Get detailed insights into how well team members are performing.