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Your workflow needs an overhaul.

It goes without saying that GitHub offers some of the best collaboration tools in the industry. If you're like us, you spend most of your days on GitHub filing bugs and feature requests, reviewing code, and shipping features. You love how deeply GitHub issues (and pull requests) integrate with your codebase. But when it comes to project management, you simply need more functionality than GitHub issues offers.

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The perfect complement to your development process.

Finally, you can manage your entire development process through GitHub, with a little help from Codetree. We are not yet another project management tool — every issue in Codetree corresponds directly to an issue or pull request on GitHub (and vice-versa). As soon as you create a project, we import your issue data and keep it continually in sync.

  • Multi-Repo Support

    Manage issues for as many repositories as you’d like under one Codetree project.

  • Dependency Tracking

    Keep track of which issues depend on others and use our filtering engine to surface issues that are currently blocked.

  • Powerful Filters

    Quickly find answers to questions like "Which issues are awaiting my reply?" or "Which issues are currently blocked?"

  • Drag & Drop Sorting

    Solve the “What should I work on next?” problem by prioritizing the features and bug reports in your development queue.

  • Quick Inline Updates

    Update labels, milestone, assignee, and open/closed state for any issue right from your dashboard.

  • Kanban Boards

    Visualize your milestones as Kanban taskboards (like Trello) to track the progress of your sprints.

A unique approach to managing issues.

Kanban task boards (like Trello) are great for some projects. Unfortunately, they become unwieldy as the number of tasks in the backlog grows — and let's face it, your list of features & bugs never stops growing. Before long, you have a mile-long “To Do” column that's nearly impossible to keep prioritized. With Codetree, you are not locked in to a task board view. Instead, you have the freedom to visualize your tasks in a compact, information-rich list format or a task board (whatever you need at the time).

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