"How We Ship" Interviews

Shipping great software is hard. One way to make it a little easier is to steal good ideas from other people.

We're interviewing teams to learn how their shipping process works and sharing the results so you can benefit. Our goal is help you learn from what's working and what isn't. Interested in being interviewed? Hit us up!

The Interviews

001: Codetree

Kareem Mayan, Partner

  • Codetree makes Lightweight project management for teams that use GitHub issues
  • 4 person dev team building a CRUD app.
  • Methodology: "Pragmatic and focused on shipping"
  • Read how Codetree ships here →

002: AdStage

Gordon Worley, Head of Operations

  • AdStage connects marketers to the data they need to analyze, automate, and report on their ad campaigns.
  • 15 person dev team building a paid advertising management, automation, and analytics platform.
  • Methodology: Focused on "high trust, empathy, technical skill, alignment, and communication"
  • Read how AdStage ships here →

003: Allay

Andrew Draper, Co-Founder and Head of Product

  • Allay provides major savings on your company's health plans
  • 5 person team building product for an old-school industry with complex rules.
  • Methodology: "Realistically business-focused"
  • Read how Allay ships here →

004: Azavea

Hector Castro, VP Engineering

  • Azavea builds advanced geospatial technology and does research for civic and social impact
  • 30 person team split between professional services projects, products and open source work.
  • Methodology: "Something that works pretty well for projects, and products we are still trying to get better at."
  • Read how Azavea ships here →

005: GoSquared

James Gill, CEO

006: CKSource

Piotrek Koszuliński, Lead Dev on CKEditor 5

007: LemonStand

Bruce Alderson, CTO

008: Hootsuite

Simon Stanlake, former CTO

009: GitPrime

Travis Kimmel, CEO

  • GitPrime helps engineering managers see their team's work more clearly and understand software developer productivity.
  • 12 person team spread across five timezones
  • Methodology: "Punctuated Delivery"
  • Read how GitPrime ships →

Coming Soon...

Predictable Revenue (outbound prospecting platform for SDRs)

Personalization Team @ Adobe

Many more...