On-Premises Project Management
for GitHub Enterprise

Your issues never leave your network

  • Secure Your Issues

    Install Codetree on your Private Cloud to keep your data safe. You manage the installation, and no data leaves your network.

  • Fast Install

    Modeled after the GitHub Enterprise installation, you'll be up and running with Codetree in no time.

  • Scales With Your Team

    Like GitHub Enterprise, you can buy license packs to scale as quickly as your team does.

  • Founders Dedicated to your Success

    Success Manager? Nope. You get a Founder dedicated to making sure you're successful.

For Product, Project, and Engineering Managers

GitHub issues are great for developers. But they're too low-level to see the big picture.
Codetree gives you a project management layer on top of your GitHub issues.
With it, you can prioritize your upcoming work and understand the status of your in-flight issues.

  • Multi-Repo Support

    Manage issues for as many repositories as you’d like in a single view.

  • Dependency Tracking

    Keep track of which issues depend on others. Surface issues that are blocked with powerful built-in filters.

  • Powerful Filtering

    Quickly find answers to questions like "Which issues are awaiting my reply?" or "Which issues are currently blocked?"

  • Drag & Drop Sorting

    Solve the “What should I work on next?” problem by prioritizing the features and bug reports in your development queue.

  • Quick Inline Updates

    Update labels, milestone, assignee, and open/closed state for any issue right from your dashboard.

  • Kanban Boards

    Visualize your milestones as Kanban taskboards (like Trello) to track the progress of your sprints.

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